Zulema Altamirano Argudo

Dra. Zulema Altamirano Argudo is PhD Psychologist, Master in Leadership & Public Management and Expert in multidisciplinary intervention in Gender-based Violence. In 2011 she won the 1st Victoria Kent National Research Award. She has worked extensively in the areas of gender equality and gender-based violence, both at policy level and as penitentiary psychologist. In her working time, at the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) she was project manager for gender-based violence studies and part of the Gender Equality Index team. Later, in the Ministry of Public Administration, she coordinated the implementation of the Gender Equality Plan for the Spanish Government Administration, the Protocol against Sexual Harassment and carried out various studies such as the situation of women in the Spanish Government Administration and the gender pay gap. More recently, she has also participated as expert in EU-twinning projects in Croatia and Turkey and as gender-equality trainer for several national and international institutions. Currently, as Director of the Women and Science Unit in the Cabinet of the Minister of Science and Innovation, she advises and supports the integration of the gender perspective in the areas of research and innovation.