Rona Jualla van Oudenhoven

Dr. Rona Jualla van Oudenhoven is the Chief Diversity Officer of Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands with the responsibility to strategically embed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion [DEI] into the cultural and structural fabric of the institution. She embraces this role in collaboration and partnership with all stakeholders. She is a sociologist by training and an action researcher and equity practitioner by trade. She has worked as an education and equity consultant in international development for ten years with marginalized groups focusing in many instances on situations of violence including gender-based violence. Her publications include among others, A Rights-based Approach to Violence, Diversity Dialogues, and most recently The Myth of Child Welfare which speaks to the systemic violence of discrimination in Ontario’s child welfare system.  She has incorporated the themes of social safety, intersectionality, power and powerlessness, gender equity, and human rights as premised on the social sustainability goals into the university’s DEI strategic plan and the university’s gender equality plan [GEP].