Miguel Lorente Acosta

Miguel Lorente Acosta, Associated Professor in the School of Medicine of the University of Granada (Spain), advisor of the Equality, Sustainability and Inclusion Vice-rectorate of the university, PhD in Medicine and Surgery (graduated with honors), Specialist in Legal Medicine, Master in Bioethics and Law (University of Barcelona), and Forensic Doctor.

He works and research on interpersonal violence and, specially, on violence against women and gender-based violence. He also works on masculinity and how men identity and androcentric culture are related with violent and power behaviors.

As a consequence of his work, he has collaborated as an expert with United Nations, WHO, EIGE (EU), EC and other organisms and institutions.

He has occupied political positions related to his work, being Delegate of the Government for Gender-based Violence in the national Government from 2008 to 2011.

He has published more than 80 scientific papers in national and international journals, and has written 7 books, basically on violence against women and masculinities.  He also has two blogs, one, “Autopsia” (“Autopsy”) related to VAW, equality and social problems related; and the other, “Cardiopatía Poética” (“Poetic Cardiopathy”) on poetry, his other passion.