Eva Janebová

Eva Janebová, Ph.D. is the Founding Director of the Institute for Excellence in Internationalization (IEI) Project at Palacký University. Her qualifications and experience were gained from Charles University, Columbia University, and the University of Minnesota where she was the very first Mestenhauser Fellow in 2018. In her 20 years working in international education Eva has focused on curriculum development and quality assurance, and has served as academic advisor to the Council for International Education Exchange and the Czech Ministry of Education. Her recent academic work includes ‘Mapping the Dimensions of Inclusive Internationalization’ (with Christopher Johnstone) in Inequalities in Study Abroad edited by Suzan Kommers and Krishna Bista, and is the author of “The Challenge of Culture” in Mestenhauser and the Possibilities of International Education from Routledge and co-author of one of ACA Think Piece on Inclusive Internationalisation (2022).